PPI Group is a multi-media marketing firm that provides travel and tourism businesses with a highly specialized, professional team of experts who have intimate knowledge of this worldwide, multibillion-dollar industry. PPI Group's main goal is to serve as the connection between consumer, product, and retail sales services. PPI Group’s Shopping Presenters work with such major cruise lines as Disney, Holland America, and Norwegian Cruise Line to inform passengers about the fine retail shops and designer brands available in upcoming ports of call. PPI Group operates shopping programs aboard more than 50 ships. We are looking for exceptionally dynamic individuals with charisma, strong sales experience, creativity, and outstanding public speaking skills to live and work aboard cruise ships for at least 6 months. Shopping Presenters will visit new and exotic destinations, operating in a fast-paced, interactive lifestyle where no two days are the same. Presenters must be passionate about travel and eager to immerse themselves in the retail and consumer cultures of countries around the world.


Shopping Presenters will also create highly engaging, on-stage and televised presentations that drive cruise ship guests to stores in ports of call. Presenters will actively promote high-end luxury items, including diamonds, gemstones, fine jewelry, Swiss watches, sculptures and artwork, electronics, designer fragrances, liquor, and traditional souvenirs. The principal onboard role of Shopping Presenters is to educate cruise ship guests about the quality shopping opportunities that await ashore, while also saving them valuable time and money in each port of call.

Presenters meet with store managers, owners, and marketing representatives to discuss sales and ongoing and future promotions, as well as to develop strategies to increase foot traffic and revenues.

We are looking for confident and highly capable individuals who are well-informed about retail trends, social media, and all modes of shopping and retail strategies.
For more information contact shipboardemployment@ppigroup.com Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to welcoming you aboard.